SaratogaCamps_JulieHi there! My name is Julie and i’m a Ballston Spa-based mother who has always had that nagging thought that there were more activities and camps out there for my kids. In the past, i’ve been lucky to get recommendations from friends, but finding other options seemed to involve way too much time searching online. So i decided to put every camp i came across within Saratoga County onto one website (ideally, it would be for the whole Capital Region, but i’m starting small here people). It’s far from perfect, but it’s a start!

Know of a camp that’s missing? Let me know! I’d be happy to add it.


Important to know…

  1. Although I do use affiliate links for both Amazon and Target (here’s the legalese for that), any earnings made from purchases is very minimal (like spare change), especially when compared to the cost of keeping this site up and running each year. BUT, every little bit helps, so thank you!!!
  2. In the future, I will be offering advertising opportunities to camps as a way to help keep the site running. I don’t personally profit from this site at all and pay fully for all of the camps my kids attend.
  3. I feel strongly about giving smaller, underutilized local camps a way to get the word out about their school break and summer programs. Not every camp has an advertising budget.
  4. I STILL struggle with parenting guilt about my kids spending most of the summer in camps. Trust me, we’re all in this together!




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