Aug. 6-10 | Guerilla Filmmaking 9am-3pm @ Saratoga Independent School [Middle School] Guerilla filmmaking is a term that refers to a style of independent films produced on a shoe string, using the locations, props, costumes, and actors available to us. It is often characterized as fast-paced, no-budget filmmaking. This intermediate course is a fast-paced hands › Read more
July 23-27 | Creative Filmmaking 9am-12pm @ Saratoga Independent School [Grade School] An introductory hands-on, project-based course in Hollywood movie making. Students explore their own creativity through the development of original stories for short-films. They will work in collaborative groups to write and produce their own film projects. Each group member will take turns playing › Read more
July 16-20 | Stop-Motion Animation 9am-12pm @ Saratoga Independent School [Grade School] The Stop-Motion Animation Course is designed for beginners and intermediate students ages 8-11. This is the perfect class for any student beginning to explore their interest in filmmaking or for the experienced animators who have the desire to create an awesome project. In › Read more
July-Aug. 24 | The Director’s Class 9am-3:30pm @ Saratoga Independent School [High School] This intensive summer course is designed for the serious filmmaker who wants to produce a portfolio piece they can use for college or other professional opportunities. Students go through the film production process from idea to finished movie. Jul. 8-Aug. 5 students › Read more





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