5 Reasons Why I Love Summer Camp

5-Reasons-To-Love-Summer-CampOk, I’ll admit it… once summer hits I start to fantasize about leaving my job just to have the whole summer “off” (I use that word loosely because as parents, we’re never totally off-duty!). But in reality, there’s a lot to love about summer camp.

1) Keeping the schedule.
I am NOT a schedule person unless I have to be. So having both kids AND a job requires this of me. I don’t exactly love getting up early and getting us all out the door each weekday, but I do love that the start of school in September doesn’t completely throw us off balance.

2) Getting to do new activities they wouldn’t necessarily do with me.
Another thing I’m not is an amusement park person (I know, I’m a complete party-pooper!). It’s not that I’m against them per say, but most of the rides make me sick so I have to take motion-sickness medication, which makes me sleepy. (Or, not ride them at all — not cool!) When my kids are at our local rec camp, they go on some seriously fun field trips. They are also MUCH less expensive outings since they’re going with a group.

3) Focusing on something they love for one whole week (or more!).
Both of my daughters enjoy art, so sending them for a week to an art-based camp is a no-brainer for us. It’s also a chance to learn skills or crafts not taught in a traditional public school.

4) Getting social.
Camps can be a great way to expand their circle of friends and I think it helps them become more socially confident. (As an introvert, I’m amazed at their ability to be comfortable in new situations, so this may not be a fun thing for kids who are introverts like me.)

5) No electronics!
I’m guilty of this one myself (aCk!). As a family, our tendency is to use electronics or watch tv when we have downtime, so I love that my daughters are being physically active each day and not glued to a device. Plus, I feel a lot less guilty when I do let them watch something while I pull together dinner (whew!).

So what do you love about summer camp?


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