6 Summer Favorites… so far

We’re not far into summer but I already have a few summer stand-outs on my list. 

None of the links below are affiliate links. Mostly because I’m lazy. 6 Summer Favorites

1.) Sketchers Guzman Slip-On Shoes

I snagged these for about $14 per pair and they have been well worth it for all things summer. Perfect for water activities and easy to clean. A similar style is made by Native Shoes

2.) SToK Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Although I often make my own cold brew (with this pitcher), it never tastes as good as SToK’s. Totally a treat for me… especially when I need a little extra boost to get the kids out the door to camp. I buy it at Hannaford and Target

3.) Stewart’s Ice Cream Scoop Club Cards

Buy 10 get one free? Don’t mind if I do! We’re BIG ice cream fans at our house and I’ll be honest here, I’m not above a little bribery. (If anyone wants to bribe me, my favorite flavor is chocolate peanut butter cup.)

4.) Target Free Order Pickup, Hannaford To Go, Panera Rapid Pick-Up… Basically any form of order-online-and-grab-it-in-a-hurry service

While I love a good wander around Target, I haven’t had a lot of free time as of late. These pick-up services are priceless. (Well, as long as you don’t get home and realize you’re missing something… been there.)

5.) Summer Brainquest Workbooks

These summer workbooks assuage my mom guilt over not being better about preventing the summer slide. Between these and my summer reading checklist, I feel like we’re making a slightly better effort. Plus, they give me quick answers to the “I’m bored” scenario. (It should be noted here that I’m not 100% sure if my kids have ever finished a workbook… progress over perfection, right?)

6.) Freestanding Badminton Set

I grew up playing a lot of croquet in my parent’s backyard every summer (is that weird?) — and while I can’t quite get my kids on board with croquet, we all enjoy badminton. This set is portable so it’s easy to drag out when we want to play, then put away for mowing the lawn. 


So what are your favorites so far this summer? 


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