Day Camps and Your Taxes

DayCamps_AndYourTaxesSince tax day is rapidly approaching, i figured i’d put this out there in case anyone was unaware that day camp expenses can be tax deductible.

While my husband and i don’t pay nearly as much for childcare now that our girls are in school, every little bit helps!

Just remember…

  • Both parents need to be working
  • Only kids up to age 13 qualify
  • Overnight camps aren’t deductible

What you need from each camp:

  1. Official Name
  2. Address
  3. Tax ID Number


More info can be found here:
Summer Day Camp Expenses May Qualify for a Tax Credit (IRS)
Publication 503 – Child and Dependent Care Expenses (IRS)
Take a Tax Break for Summer Camp (Kiplinger)
Can I Claim Summer Camps as Daycare on My Taxes? (Geeks on Finance)


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