Gearing Up for Summer – Footwear Edition

Getting ready for summer? Here's my list for all things shoes.

Since the end of June is quickly approaching, I’ve started to cast an eye around the web for items we’ll surely need for camp season. The following is a list of items I’ve bookmarked for myself, and a few to keep in mind for your own summer camp preparations. (Disclaimer: The Amazon and Target links are affiliate links — thank you for helping to keep this site running!)

1) Sneakers

A good rule of thumb for sneakers is that if you think they smell now, they will smell 100x worse once the heat of summer really takes hold. So it’s not a bad time to start with a fresh pair. We most often stock up at Target and have this style in the current rotation:

ASICS and Saucony are favorites of ours too.


2) Sandals

Many camps require closed-toe sandals for safety purposes. We bought this style in a pink/flower print from Target last summer:

If you know for sure that you’ll get plenty of use out of them, I highly recommend the KEEN brand of sandals. They’re awesome!

This brand (Kencey) looks promising too. They’ve got a 5 star rating and come in at a reasonable $16.99-$23.99 price:


3) Slip-on

Another style to consider is Crocs and similar knock-offs. We buy them each year and I love how easy they are to clean up. Just be sure to check with your camp to make sure they’re allowed.

We’ve never tried Native shoes before, but they’re pretty popular and get good reviews, so they’re on my list as well.

4) Water Shoes

Will your kids wear these? We’ve bought them in previous years, but neither of my kids would wear them for very long. These are the 2 styles I’ve saved from Amazon to try this year:


5) Specialty Shoes

My kids have attended a horse camp for the past couple of years so I’ve invested in riding boots. My youngest is very sensitive about her footwear and how tight they are, so she liked these boots that lace up (Equistar Brand):

My oldest just wanted to be able to get them on quickly and go, so she preferred this zippered style (Saxon Brand):

We found that the sizing was slightly different between the two brands, so it’s definitely worthwhile to see if you can find them locally or order a couple of sizes to get the best fit. (Even better: some barns occasionally hold used equipment sales, so definitely ask.)

Many horse camps are also ok with rain boots. And they may come in handy for other summer adventures as well. Aren’t these cute?

6) Socks!

Socks have a way of disappearing at our house so I’ll definitely be taking a look in the sock drawers before school ends. We stick with the Hanes brand since they don’t seem to irritate those with sensitive toes… 🙂

Any shoe brands or styles you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments.


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