Gearing Up for Summer – Summer Learning

Gearing Up For Summer - Summer LearningWe’ve all been there, school has wrapped for the year and the kids just need a break. But before you know it, it’s a week before school starts and you’ve done absolutely nothing to prepare them for the new year. Oops…

Here are a few resources that have worked for us in the past or that I’m considering for this summer.

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1) Online Apps and Games

We have Amazon Fire tablets for our kids solely based on how easy it is for us to manage them from our Amazon account. In addition to apps, there are also a LOT of educational websites out there. Not sure where to start? Common Sense Media is a great resource.

2) Workbooks

If you’re looking to get your kids off of their tablet or computer, or you’re just plain tired of making sure they’re ONLY using them for educational purposes, try a workbook! I like how I can see how much progress they’ve made and my kids enjoy “playing school” while they work. Plus, it’s easy to say “finish 4 sheets in your workbook and then you can watch a show”.

3) Reading Chart

I created this reading chart for my own kids this summer, and like their mom, they enjoy checking boxes 🙂 The timer bookmarks I got my kids for Christmas also come in very handy when it comes to reading time these days.


4) Subscription Boxes

Whatever your child’s interest is, chances are, there’s a subscription box tailored to that interest. Most services offer a one-time monthly plan, so you don’t necessarily need to subscribe for a full year either.

Some options are:

5) Kits

Similar to subscription boxes, these all-in-one kits are great for craft and science exploration.

6) Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Programs are easy to sign up for at your local library and often come with fun incentives for kids to keep logging their books. (Looking for an age-appropriate title? Here’s Amazon’s selection by age range.)

7) Audiobooks

Road trips are a big part of the summer months and audiobooks are a great way for the whole family to enjoy a good book. Although these are some of our favorites on Amazon, you can usually find them at your local library. You may have to wait a few days if they need to get your title from another library in the system, so plan ahead!

8) Podcasts

NPR recently released this podcast geared specifically to kids: Wow in the World

Here are a few more noteworthy podcasts:

9) Local Historical Sites & Museums

Saratoga County is full of educational opportunities. Our family’s favorites are:

A bit further afield are:

While having a plan is great, let’s all agree not to stress out too much when it comes to summer learning, ok? Even parents need a break 🙂


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