Gearing Up for Summer – Swim Essentials

Gearing Up For Summer - Swim EssentialsSummer camp season often means field trips to nearby beaches and waterparks, as well as regular pool visits. Here are my top 9 items for summer swimming.

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1) Wet Bag

If your camp offers swimming regularly you no doubt know the joys of finding a sopping wet towel and suit in your child’s backpack. This leak-proof bag is actually meant for wet cloth diapers, but it works perfectly for our wet bathing suits and towels:

Here’s another option:

2) Bathing Suits

I like to have at least 2 bathing suits that fit for each kid so I don’t typically spend a lot in this category. My favorite places to stock up are Target, Old Navy and Amazon.

3) Towels

My in-laws have a pool so our collection of beach towels has a tendency to migrate over there throughout the summer, so I typically buy at least two new towels each summer. My go-to source for basic towels is Target and I’m loving these prints:

4) Goggles

I never really gave a thought to goggles until I bought these and my kids loved them. I’m not a goggle-wearer myself, but it seems as though these suction more effectively to the kids’ eye-area than our old Speedo brand of goggles. The only downside is that they aren’t offered in a lot of colors.

This year, we’re investing in prescription goggles since the kids seem to be carrying on our family tradition of near-sightedness:

5) Sunscreen

Gah! We have sooooo many old bottles hanging around, but this year I’m stocking up early and often. My favorite, easy-to-find and not too bad for you brand (according to the EWG, it rates as 3, with 1 being the best) is this one by Coppertone:

My favorite all-natural brand is this one (it seems to rub in the best for us and not leave so much of a white film):

Did you know that powdered sunscreen is a thing? I had no idea! I’m going to try this powdered sunscreen on myself first and see how it goes:

6) Lip Balm

I usually think of lip balm as a winter necessity, but with my kids being outside so much during the summer they find that they need it with them at camp. I’ve been buying this kind with an SPF:

7) Sandals // Watershoes // Crocs

I touched on this category in my Footwear Essentials post, but depending on what your camp allows, shoes such as Crocs and other slip-on styles come in super-handy when it comes to swimming. My kids also love flip-flops, though they’re admittedly not my favorite style (so much complaining when a longer-than-normal walk is involved!). These are a little bit more sturdy and supportive than what we usually have:

8) Brush or Comb

Though I always pack a brush, I’m pretty sure neither of my kids actually uses it (sigh). My favorite is the Wet Brush:

9) Detangler or Leave-in Conditioner

Because regular pool use is tough on hair, we use more conditioning and detangling products during the summer months. Suave has a great (and inexpensive) line of kids hair products that contain no dyes or parabens:


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