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1) Tell us a little about yourself and how you ended up at Cutting Edge Martial Arts

My name is Brian Miller and I am the owner and master instructor of Cutting Edge Martial Arts.  I opened Cutting Edge in 2004 with a mission of enhancing our community, one student at a time.  A few years after we opened the school, we decided to take the plunge into the Transported After School Martial Arts world.  We started picking children up directly from Saratoga Springs Elementary Schools and have since expanded to the Middle School and Saratoga private schools.  Once we made the commitment to not only providing great martial arts instruction after school, we knew that we needed to offer a full day solution for families in the summer.  We now offer Winter, Spring and 7 weeks of Summer Camps for not only our current students, but for all members of our community between 4 and 12 years old.

2) What do you love most about your job?

Without a doubt, the most rewarding part of my job is when I get to tie a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th degree Black Belt around a student’s waste.  This moment is the culmination of 4, 6, 10, 15 years of training, overcoming adversity, problem solving, testing your discipline, patience, work ethic, confidence and much more.  There are very few accomplishments that can have such a profound impact on your life and we are honored to help motivate students to achieve such high honors.

3) How long has Cutting Edge Martial Arts been offering camps for kids?

When we started our Transported After School Program, we began our Summer Camps; which was 2005.

4) Approximately how many campers attend each summer?

Our camps tend to be pretty consistent each year and each week we offer.  We have between 20 and 35 campers each week.

5) What makes the camp programs at Cutting Edge Martial Arts unique?

Obviously, our camps offering a daily martial arts class would set us apart.  For many new students, it acts as a wonderful introduction to the martial arts, all while providing a fun, action packed day.  We also introduce a daily character education lesson in our “Mat Chat.”  Throughout the day, we strive to not only make our camps tons of fun, but to help students grow in mind, body and spirit.

6) What does a typical day look like?

A typical camp day starts off with a ball game, followed by our Mat Chat.  From there, we will play several different games and mental and physical challenges.  Snack comes next, followed by our daily martial arts class.  From there, we get a break for lunch.  After lunch, on Mondays, we have a Recreation Time with a Bounce House, Fooseball, Air Hockey, 4-Square and more.  On Tuesdays/Thursdays, we go to the local parks for outside rec time.  On Wednesdays, we go to the Spa State Park to Peerless Pools for swimming and Friday is our big fun outing to the best kids play spots in the area.

7) How do you find and hire your instructors?

We are very lucky in this area. Our other Master Instructor, Master Jason Gray has been with me over a decade and is absolutely tremendous with young kids. Our parents rave about his patience and ability to make kids laugh and enjoy their time here. Our assistant instructors are all students who have been training with me for at least 5-6 years or more and I have known them since they were young children. Many of our camp instructors went to camp when they were younger so they know with great detail what the expectations are of the campers and staff members.

8) Anything new for this year?

Every year, we strive to find the newest and best outings for the kids.  Especially for those who return every year.  We want to ensure that every year feels new and exciting.  This year, we have added a Diamond Dogs Game with lunch included and we are going to the new Aquarium that was just completed.

9) What do you hope your campers take away with them from their camp experience?

Our goal for our camps is to provide students with a safe, fun learning environment where they are also allowed to let loose and have tons of fun. For us, it is about striking a balance of taking our lessons serious, but leaving time to relax and enjoy the summer together.  When students leave our camps, we hope that they had a truly positive experience, from meeting new friends, growing as a martial artist, gaining a sense of personal growth and that we leave them with memories that will last a lifetime.

10) Are there any particular items that always seem to get left behind and should be labeled?

We certainly have quite the large lost and found.   Mostly, it is filled with clothing items, but we do have an occasional water bottle, lunch bag, sunscreen, etc.

11) Is there still space available in the summer camp programs?

We do still have room in our camps.  The only weeks that there is concern of them filling up are the final couple of weeks as we are one of the only camp programs that go right until the final week of summer.

12) How can parents contact you?

If you would like more information on our Summer Camp Programs, please visit our website at We can be reached by phone at 587-5501 or by email at

Thank you so much Brian! 

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