Mother’s Day Gifts

This has absolutely nothing to do with camps but i’m thinking that so few people read this, why the heck not write about Mother’s Day gifts?

It goes without saying that… a) I don’t need any gifts — i love this gig! And b) Anything handmade by my kids is automatically my most favorite of all gifts.

HOWEVER, if my husband is reading this, here are some ideas (they’re easy, i promise):

  1. Coffee in bed.
    Breakfast is great, but definitely gimme the java! (Preferably after letting me sleep until at least 8 am.)

  2. Time.
    As an introvert, i covet my alone time — even more so since i became a mom. Might not be able to carve out the time on Mother’s Day, but an hour or more of free time ANY day of the week is an awesome way to say thank you.

  3. Car cleaning, inside and out.
    Crumbs, handprints on the windows, a persistent funk… this one needs no explanation, right? (On a cleaning roll? Tackle the whole house!)

  4. A foot massage.
    My husband can do no wrong as long as i hear the words “foot rub”.

  5. Good chocolate, bonus if it has nuts and/or peanut butter.
    I love the Barkeaters peanut butter cups, they’re basically a meal. (My breakfast in bed… ?) » That isn’t an affiliate link or anything, just wanted to share a favorite. 

Put all 5 into 1 day and you’re a rockstar in my book.

(Sidenote: I am in a perpetual state of disbelief when i look at my calendar these days… it’s May already???)


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