Q&A: Camp Cedarbrook

Camp Cedarbrook

1) For those people who haven’t heard of it before, what is Camp Cedarbrook all about?

Camp Cedarbrook is a Christian girls overnight camp in the Adirondacks. Something that make us unique are we are girls-only. This means that we are focused on helping girls discover who they are in Christ. Girls are free from distractions and can thrive in activity areas and relationships with other campers. 

Our Bible studies are cabin-based. Instead of having a speaker in a large group setting, camper Bible studies happen daily on a cabin level led by their counselor. This leads to a more intimate discussion and hands-on Bible study experience.

We value the unique experiences that come with being a wilderness camp. Girls need to be challenged! Our girls are pushed outside their comfort zones by getting out into the woods and doing things they didn’t think they ever could. 

Other camps have many things to focus on, co-ed, retreats, and more. We have ONE. Discipling and mentoring girls towards a better relationship with God. Thats all we do, Christian girls resident summer camp. And that focus has allowed us to thrive in helping young women grow into strong Christian leaders.

2) Anything new this year?

This year we are offering an extended wilderness trip during our Two Week Experience. This 5-6 day backpacking trip will take the girls on a challenging journey that will stretch and teach them in ways only the mountains can accomplish. On this trip campers will summit 10+ mountains, cover over 35 miles, and ascend 10,000 ft in elevation. This will challenge your daughter, but also teach her valuable lessons in perseverance, the body of Christ, and the beauty of God’s creation.

3) What are the dates?

We offer weekly camp sessions from June 30 – August 10 with the exception of weeks 4-5 (July 21-August 3) which is a two-week session.

4) What’s the age range?

Campers range in ages from 7-17. Our oldest campers have completed 11th grade.

5) And cost?

One week of camp is $625. Our Two Week Experience is $1,250. More information on rates and add-ons can be found here.

6) What will campers be doing all day?

We pack a lot into a day a camp! It starts with a bugle waking campers up and they get ready for the day. Then they have 20 minutes of “morning watch” where they spending time reading their Bible on their own and praying. Then it’s breakfast followed by capers where campers clean their cabins and compete for the cleanest cabin of the week! There are two activities in the morning including a cabin Bible study. Lunch is followed by kickback time where campers can rest. Free time and then two more activities fill the afternoon. Dinner is preceded by cabin time where cabins decide on group activity. After dinner is an evening program which usually includes a large group game followed by a songfest and campfire message. We end the day in cabin devotions where the counselor will help girls reflect on their day and how they saw God at work. A detailed schedule can be found here.

7) What should the campers plan to bring?

Campers should bring clothes they don’t mind getting dirty, a Bible, water bottle, swimsuit and rain gear. Sleeping bags and flashlights are also a must! We send you a complete packing list when you register.

8) How do we find out more and register?

You can find out more and register on our website campcedarbrook.org 

Please note: Camp Cedarbrook is a sponsor of this website, however, I do not profit from referrals to them in any way. The purpose of this post is simply to help readers learn more about a great option for summer camp.


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