Q&A: TSL Adventures!

1) For those people who haven’t heard of it before, what is camp at TSL Adventures all about?

TSL is a recreational day camp rooted in strong community and boasting unique activities and a finely tuned structure geared toward instilling cooperation, social skills development, and love of good old fashion play.

2) Anything new this year?

Our themes are new every year. We have 9 unique themes that serve as the guideline for all our summer fun this year. With themes like The Amazing Race, Area 51 and Elements, TSL has a lot in store for its 1000 campers this year. Also, we are celebrating our 10th year in 2019! Thus our 9th week theme, Ten Years TSL.

3) What are the dates and hours?

Some camps run from 7-6, but most run 7:30-5:30.

4) Is before and/or aftercare offered?

Our prices are all inclusive and our camps run full days.

5) What’s the age range?

Most camp locations serve children ages 4-12 with a teen CIT program. Some locations like Cohoes and Troy serve preschool children as well.

6) And cost?

The cost is $190 per week if the families enroll for 5 weeks or more. The per week cost increases with less weeks of participation.

7) What will campers be doing all day?

We like to suggest our daily program is like attending a birthday party every day. We engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor games, projects, and activities in 30-45 minutes intervals. We incorporate daily water and outdoor play, using sprinklers and tarps for slip and slide. We have a cook out once per week and have pizza and ice cream truck on Friday. We also feature a weekly raffle, which kids earn tickets for all week long. The more good character tickets earned in the week, the more likely the camper is to win a grand prize each Friday.

8) Are there field trips?

We do not travel. Instead, we focus on structure and community building.

9) What should the campers plan to bring?

Sneakers, bathing suit, towel, water bottle, lunch and snacks, water shoes…

10) How do we find out more and register?

Visit our website at www.tsladventures.net to read our FAQ and more about the themes, owners…or contact Tom at tsladventures@gmail.com

Please note: TSL Adventures is a sponsor of this website, however, I do not profit from referrals to them in any way. The purpose of this post is simply to help readers learn more about a great option for summer camp.



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